Hi, I'm

Christian Yarros.
a data engineer.
a cloud developer.
a solution engineer.
a software developer.
a soccer player.
a coffee lover.
About Me | Work Experience
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I'm a cloud data and machine learning engineer currently working in New York City. My educational background at two different universities on opposite sides of the globe trained me to adapt to foreign and challenging environments. As a four-year member of an NCAA collegiate soccer team, I understand the importance of dedication, teamwork, and the grind. A love of data and analytics, cloud architecture, and critical thinking contributes to my success in cloud development.


Cloud Data & ML Engineer (2019-Present)

New York City

Enable AWS customers and partners to leverage their data to develop business insights. Architect and develop solutions that leverage deep knowledge in the use of AWS Analytics and ML service offerings like: Amazon Kinesis, AWS Glue, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon Athena, Amazon SageMaker, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Amazon EMR, NoSQL technologies and other 3rd parties.

Architect and develop cloud-optimized customer applications. Work as atechnical leader along side customer business, development and infrastructure teams. Provide deep software development knowledge with respect to cloud architecture, design patterns and programming. Implement DevOps practices such as infrastructure as code, continuous integration and automated deployment.


Solution Engineer (2017-2019)

Reston, Virginia

Currently working with many different data management and cloud technologies to demonstrate the power of Oracle's Cloud.

At Oracle, I've worked with many clients showcasing technologies like the Autonomous Database and Big Data Cloud. I spent several months on a team successfully migrating a customers Big Data solution hosted on Google Cloud Platform to Oracle's Big Data Cloud. I developed a custom package designed to build and configure the customer's data science environment on a Big Data Cloud node. I've also spent many days delivering product demonstrations, tech talks, and townhall presentations with the goal of educating the industry on Oracle's Information Management Platform.

Explorica, Inc.

Software Developer (2016-2017)

Boston, Massachussetts

At Explorica, I worked to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students with the desire to connect to new cultures, languages, and people across the world. At Explorica I gained experience in every aspect of full-stack development. I worked closely with other employees in areas such as product management, operations, flights, sales, and marketing. In my short time here I accomplished many tasks including: the revamp of the entire invoice management process for global product and finance divisions, the development of a sales portal consisting of numerous sales reports that ensures a smooth lead-to-client process, and the migration of an acquired company and its entire platform.

iMedRIS Data Corporation

Software Developer Intern (2015)

Redlands, California

A winter and summer internship just outside Los Angeles, California offered exposure to cutting-edge medical research technology. I was immediately given the responsibility of updating over 500 files to ensure functionality across all of the latest browsers. To ensure coding standards and conventions across all developers, I built a file formatting application that restructures code for universal readability across all files. Mentoring by the CEO himself provided unique access to the business side of software development. My time at iMedRIS strengthened my desire to pursue software development.

Freelance Web Developer

ProMaker Sports (2016)

During my tenure at St. Lawrence University, I was a member of the NCAA men’s varsity soccer team coached by NCAA champion and former two-time Major League Soccer champion, Mike Toshack. To market his incredible coaching skills, I developed a customized platform to advertise his identification camps for recruiting youth soccer players across the country. This was an incredible learning experience in regards to contract work and maintaining a healthy, cooperative relationship with a client.

Faculty Elections (2016)

The faculty president at St. Lawrence University contacted me with the goal to create web software designed to manage faculty elections. Using the LAMP stack, I produced a customized online election system for university faculty that consisted of election and ballot creation and faculty management tools for admin. When ballots were created by the admin, they were automatically assigned to faculty members who were notified about voting requests by email. Faculty members were given profiles that saved previous votes and ballot results. This was a great opportunity to learn about the software development process when a client is involved.

Business Elective Reference (2015)

My first contract involved working with the Business Department at St. Lawrence University. I was requested to develop a web page for business students and school advisors that assisted in course planning. Built with HTML, CSS, and PHP, this web page provided a search tool for students to discover classes that fulfill business major requirements. The admin had the ability to add/remove classes in each major requirement category.

St. Lawrence University

BS in Computer Science and Minor in Math (2012-2016)

Canton, New York

Major GPA: 3.65 / 4.00
Honors: Dean’s List Fall ‘12, Fall ‘13, Fall ’14
Sesquicentennial Merit and Presidential scholarships

University of Otago

Artificial Intelligence and Web Development (2015)

Dunedin, New Zealand

Major GPA: 3.87 / 4.00
Study Abroad Semester - Blog

Drone Server


Built a public server on a Raspberry Pi using Python Flask and a technology known as ngrok that creates secure Public URLs for exposing your local web server. The public server could be accessed via a REST call. Once accessed, the Raspberry Pi searched for the Parrot Mambo Drone via bluetooth (MAC Address) and launched various flight routines depending on the REST call.

Twitter Sentiment


Grabs the latest 100 tweets about a search term or a list of search terms using the Twitter Search API, cleans the tweets to remove links and special characters, analyzes the sentiment of each tweet using pattern analysis (polarity and subjectivity) and naives-bayes probability (positivity and negativity). Finally, also gets a list of the most common words in the collection of tweets. Gives the user an idea of Twitter Sentiment about a given topic or a list of topics.

Game of Life


Implemented artificial intelligence to simulate a species’ evolution in randomly generated environment. Creatures utilize genetic algorithms to inherit favorable actions and increase survivability over time. Visuals of environment and creature actions accomplished with Java Swing toolkit. Game consisted of an environment full of strawberries, mushrooms, creatures, and monsters. Creatures had to stay alive by eating strawberries and avoiding monsters.

Soccer Statistics


Consists of a player statistics counter and game-rating computation within a GUI created with Swing. Allows a soccer player to record and evaluate their performance in an individual game, compare two or more games, or continue to track their progress over an entire season. Implemented during a college season, showed my current playing form and allowed me to focus on certain things in practice.


HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Mongo DB

Lead Front-End programmer of a three-person team with the goal to create a website. Designed to provide a portal for users to connect and coordinate road trips and carpools together.